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Bridge Loan Program

Bridge loans allow a property owner to purchase a new home by borrowing equity from an existing property. Since your loan is secured by an existing property, our private lenders can accept a loan application from borrowers with average or bad credit.

Construction Loan Program

If you need to start from scratch and tear down your home, we can give you a large construction loan up to $5 million.. We also offer smaller remodel loans in case you want to spruce up your kitchen or add on an additional bathroom. Whatever your preference is, we…

Fix and Flip Loan

Fixing and flipping homes is becoming all the. Although HGTV shows like Flip or Flop and Master of Flip make fixing and flipping homes look easy, we understand that the construction and funding process take longer than an hour-long episode. What they don’t show is the difficulty of finding a…

Our Story

51St Street Lender is receptive to loan requests for most commercial real estate product types – retail, office, multi-family, industrial, as well as specialty uses and even land. We actively lend nationwide – primary, secondary and tertiary markets.
Our loan process is built for efficiency, speed and most importantly, reliable delivery and certainty of execution.


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Loan Amount: $1.1 Million Loan to Value: 58% Purpose: Re-Development Loan Position: 1st…

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